Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Winchesters Have My Dream Car

So, as the entire Supernatural family knows, our two favorite demon-hunting, vamp-slaying, angel-loving duo will be returning for season 9 (season 9!) on October 8th of this year. That's about four weeks away! What you don't know is that I'm still behind, catching up on season 8 because I'm a terrible excuse for a fangirl. I love the show with all my heart...but my writing remains my one and only true love. Well...maybe.

Anyway...Since the beginning of the show I have been obsessed with Baby. For those that are insane and don't watch the show, Baby is the '67 Chevy Impala that gets our boys from point A to point B. I wish I could have that car; Seriously...I want it.

A few days ago, I mentioned on my Facebook page that since I can't have Baby, I was going to somehow write it into one of the many projects I have. And I did! Baby now belongs to Theo, a high strong, sarcastic little arse that is very find of vehicles. In some ways he reminds me of Dean, but without so much familial love. (I just want to add that Theo Masterson is a new character in the Strange Dreams series. He appears in Book 2, titled: Restless Eternity. If you haven't already, head on over to my page and read the excerpts posted there.)

I suppose I should get back to pain no gain, right? Time to kill off another character. Poor angels...I wish they'd stop falling.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Hitting the Books

No, no, no... I'm not literally hitting the books. That would be cruel. I am not abusive to my babies, I promise!
What I meant by the title was that the fall semester has begun and I am currently thrilled with my classes. Yes, it's only the first day... But it's been fun so far. (Despite the fact that I spent six hours in a classroom today. That's total, just so you know; not all at once.) I am looking forward mostly to my psychology class. I took AP Psych in high school but I didn't do so hot. However, I love, love, loved the class in general so I decided to take it again in college. Who knows? Maybe if I love this course (and I do well) I might pursue psychology as a career.

Anyway, I'll let you get back to your book-related activites... Or, other activites... O.o

More news on Restless Eternity (Strange Dreams #2) soon!



They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi all!

It's been so long since I've posted anything! Things have been getting pretty busy around the Haldane Household. And since it's been so long, here are a few updates:

  • The cover for Strange Dreams has been finished! (Not sure if I've told you that yet, or not...)
  • Strange Dreams is currently in the editing process.
  • The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book I: The Search for Maybeard was published and is available on (Just search my name or the title if you would like to purchase. That would be awesome, you know. For those of you that are nice enough to purchase, please leave a review! The feedback is so very helpful. Oh, and before I forget, for the month of July only, Lady Shaw's first adventure is 50% off! Just enter the code given on the right side of the screen at checkout!) (Cover by my uncle Travis.)
  • Bradley Cooper is attractive.
  • I've begun a new short story called The Stuff of Legend and am thinking about making it a series. (It won't be one of those series where you'll have to read the first book first, but can read in any order.)
  • I might do a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book, too.
  • I've just bought the first two books in The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. (The best kind of book to read is a book that surprises you just as much the second time through as it did the first time.)
  • Bradley Cooper is very attractive.
  • I have finished Lady Shaw's second adventure. It is called: The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book II: Message of the Mermaids. (Publication TBA) (Book cover by my great uncle John, he has his own Photography site and he's on facebook. Grand Memories Photography.)
  • I have begun work on Lady Shaw's third adventure, titled: The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book III: Return to the Isle.
  • The 12th Doctor will be announced tonight at the BBC Proms at Albert Hall. (Squee!)
  • My sister has brainwashed me. I am now watching Fruits Basket.
  • Bradley Cooper's eyes make me want to melt.
  • How To Train Your Dragon is finally getting a sequel and I must say that puberty as done Hiccup very well. <3 (What animated characters do you wish were real?)
  • ....Hiccup... 
There's nothing else to report as of yet, I suppose. I do apologize for the lack of posts lately. Until there is more news on writing or the things that have started to take over my life, I talk to you later!


Bradley Cooper... <3

Monday, May 13, 2013

Melanie Monday: I Prefer Writing

"Speaking is always clumsy, while writing is always fluent."

If therapy can help someone, I would always prefer to speak with someone with the knowledge of thoughts. However, I prefer to write my thoughts, and this would just get us no where.

Writing your thoughts will always come out neat and perfect; you may erase or backspace, and any fumbling of your words can be fixed—just like that. Meanwhile, speech isn't so wonderfully done. The dialogue of any story can be messy, just the same way as speaking between yourself and a friend would sound. Your grammar is poor, your words can be miss placed, and sometimes, you might even use the wrong word at the wrong time.

This does not matter in general conversation. For one, conversations carry on in a way that allows the participants to know just what the other means, even when they cannot get the proper words out—or well, most of the time you should know what your speech partner is trying to say. It's all about the tone, the body language, and generally the way in which you speak.

In writing, since you can choose your words as you so wish to, the words will perfectly form into sentences, and eventually you can draft yourself a whole story. You know what you're trying to say, and you have the time to properly get it sorted out in your head before it all becomes the something you're trying to convey.

This is where writing to your therapist probably wouldn't work out.

Due to choosing your words carefully, the therapist can never work out what you're issues are since you're not really aware you're avoiding it. In speech, you can unconsciously give yourself away by your tone, stopping when you've reached something you didn't want to talk about, or generally the way you're face will scrunch up in discomfort or some other emotion that betrays you're inner feelings.

While I would love to continue my therapy sessions I had over this past semester of college through the summer, I know I cannot since the sessions would work better if I were face to face with my therapist. I love to write, and prefer it over face to face or phone conversations, I will never get anywhere talking to someone with carefully chosen word forms.

Sometimes I find that most of my problems in childhood (mostly from sixth grade on) stem from the fact that while I could talk to my friends just fine in instant messaging, I could not bring myself to speak aloud due to the fear of saying something that didn't make sense or generally embarrassing.

Writing what you mean is easy, but speaking the same way is hard...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

FREEDOM (Susan's muse has returned)

It is the last week of finals and I am so excited.

Sure, I'm going to miss some of my classes and my professors, but I'll get over it. I'll probably see them again when the fall semester starts back up again anyway. This just means that, because I am not attending the spring/summer semester, I have more time to dedicate to my writing (and maybe photography. I've always wanted to do that). With almost a 90% guarantee, Strange Dreams might actually be released this year! It's been nearly two years since I started it, I believe, which is amazing for me because the-book-that-shall-not-be-named took me four years to write. I am beyond excited for all the things that are going right with my writing.
My muse has decided that she has more ideas than I can fit into a remainder of approximately 50 pages and has gratuitously graced me with ideas for a sequel! I can tell you that a war like you've never heard of is about to begin. Maya will definitely have to get her head out o the clouds. And can I interest you in a conflicting romance? A character "coming out" for the first time? Perhaps an angel taking a turn for the worst? My muse is throwing so many plot twists my way I have no idea what to do! (That's a good thing, though. At least she isn't holding out on me again.)

While the sun is finally making an appearance here in dreary old Michigan, I suppose I should get busy.

Oh! Before I forget, READ SOMETHING.

Tell me what you're reading, any recommendations and what I should read? I know you guys have opinions. VOICE THEM.

Okay. I'm done being bossy now. Go about your day.


Really wishing a madman with a blue box would fall out of the sky already,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Great News!

I've been talking to the cover artist for Strange Dreams for a couple months now. She's an amazing artist; her work ranges from fantastic Harry Potter fan art to exquisite fairy's and self-portraits. I simply will not regret choosing her to do the cover.
Earlier today I recieved an email from her. The email contained... can you guess? Do you know why I'm so super excited I've had to rewrite this paragraph three times because of the super-hyper typing errors?


And they are B-E-A-UTIFUL. I cannot wait to see the finished product and to share it with you all. This is so exciting!!

Signed abibliophobic author with absolutely too much time on her overenergetic hands,
Susan. XD

P.s. Here's a link to her facebook page: Twirkle Art (facebook)
She is also on DeviantArt: Twirkle

Monday, March 25, 2013

Melanie Monday: Untitled

"Happiness comes when you least expect it, and goes when you begin to take it for granted."

I didn't have anything planned for this entry, I'm afraid. So for your entertainment, I give you the opening sequence to a fanfiction I'm writing based in an alternate universe to the television show Teen Wolf. You don't need to be a fan of the show to know what's going on, since I've basically taken someone else's characters and put them into my own little world (hence the term "fanfiction") and have added a few characters that are only mentioned in the show but never shown (either because they're not around or have passed) so they're really my own in a way.

If anyone happens to be interested in reading it in full (the first chapter is the only one completed), I'll let you know when I post it online somewhere!

Chief Nowak looks to the sky, watching the tones become darker as the sun goes down beyond the horizon. Nodding to himself, he glances back to his daughter and her husband, as well as Alpha Hale and his wife. With a smile, he moves to stand before his village and their guests.

“We are honored to have the Hale Pack join us on this night of the Wolf Moon,” he begins, the wrinkles in his face becoming much more prominent when he smiles. “Like every coming of Wolf Moon, we are grateful for the kindness of the Hale Pack and graciously welcome them into the village to celebrate another twelve moons of peace.”

While he continues on, John Stilinski spots something red in the distance near the edge of their village and sighs. Irena glances to him with a quirked brow, a smirk of amusement on her lips. “Stiles is going off into the trees again…”

She chuckles silently, turning her gaze to find where their son and his friend have disappeared beyond the tree line. “Let the two have their fun.”

John wishes to argue, but Chief Nowak had gained his attention once more. It was always hard to ignore a man of his charisma, especially since the man had given John the opportunity to even be with Irena.

Beacon Village is a small cluster of people when you really get down to it; very few people in town didn’t know your name, and even then those people were just too young or too old to really commit it to memory. However, they are the largest compared to their neighbors—the term ‘neighbor’ being used loosely, as the village is surrounded by forest on all sides with a cliff some ways off to the North-West. Though the entire population knew the only reason Beacon Village is home to many people was due to their agreement with the Hale Pack of Werewolves just West of them, beyond the trees.

Very few really remembered what the agreement was, even though Chief Nowak’s family had been on good terms with Alpha Hale’s for decades. Some assumed it was simply a land issue—Beacon Village being on the edge of Hale Territory—while some of the more wild theories believed it had something to do with sacrifices—which is just silly, since there were never any disappearances. No matter the idea, it really was a simple territory agreement; Hale Territory stretches through the forest and that of Beacon Village in exchange for protection from an Omega attack of any kind.

Which is why Beacon Village was so lucky to have a large number of residents; Omega attacks were fairly common in their regions these days, and very few humans could fight such a creature—even if it was just a measly Omega. With a Werewolf pack around, villages tended to survive longer, though the lone wolves still tried to breach into the village boundaries. Luckily for Beacon Village, the Hale Pack is also among the strongest packs in the region.

Most humans would never make an agreement such as this, however. Werewolves have the nasty reputation of being violent, ill-mannered beasts, and many of the humans feared them. The Hale Pack, of course, aren’t anything like these supposed ideals, and are quite the opposite of beastly, killing creatures. If anything, they are just as human as anyone else.

As it stands, there would be no reason for John to worry about the two boys running into the dark of the forest during a full moon—especially with the Hale Pack being so near.