Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Excerpt time!

It took longer than I'd planned, but here's an excerpt/blurb of Stuff of Legends!!

Dominic has a secret; something he never told his best friend before. His secret, something he'd fought hard for the majority of two centuries, could be the end of the one person he cared about most; Quinn Tabernackle, the girl who'd saved him from self destruction.

“You are such a romantic. I think I’m going to stop calling you Dom and start calling you Darcy.”
“Darcy?” He cringed minutely. “Why Darcy? He was a total jerk and a fair amount of other things I refuse to say in your presence.”
I laughed. “That was before he met Elizabeth. After he realized how much he cared for her, he reformed himself into the perfect romancer.”
Dominic shook his head with determination, his expression one of pure disgust. “No, he didn’t. I should know; I had to spend a whole afternoon with the prude.”
I looked at him with raised brows. “You do know that Fitzwilliam Darcy is a fictional character in a Jane Austen novel, right?”
The half-smile he now wore pleasantly turned my insides and made my heart stop. “How do you think Austen knew him so well? That woman saw more action than a horse breeder's prized steed.”
“I don’t believe you.” I tugged on his hand to get him moving again. If we stayed still much longer I would have to drag him back home and carry him to my room.
“That’s because you, like millions of other girls attached to the concept of romance, have a fixed opinion about Ms. Austen and her novels.” He smiled despite the glare I gave him for comparing me to other girls. “It’s not a bad thing, Quinnie. Romance is a precious and universal thing that men also enjoy; but if you live to be as old as I am, romance becomes the rarest jewel that ever existed. And believe me, love, Ms. Austen hardly ever got it right.”
I shook my head in amazement, half delighted and half worried at his imaginings. He was old and Jane Austen definitely lived, but that was two hundred years ago. The thought of his birthday, his two-hundred-seventeenth birthday, made the situation even weirder. It was quite possible that they’d met… Perhaps they’d had tea or something. The mere thought of Dominic in nineteenth century dress was so funny that I couldn’t keep the laughter from escaping. The bubbles of sound escaped my lips as they spread into a wide, happy smile. Dom looked at me oddly but didn’t interrupt my strange outburst. I could just imagine him emerging from a lake, dripping water and wearing a white shirt that had nearly become transparent and was pretty much glued to his skin.
The image came so clearly in my mind as I thought about it but it didn’t bring about more laughter like I’d thought it would. Instead it brought about more longing, more inappropriate thoughts that I should be taken to prison for ever daring to think. My heart stuttered as my laughter turned into chuckles and faded into nothing but a dazed look and intent interest in the growing scene in my mind. He would walk out from the water, soaking wet from head to toe, his dark shaggy hair plastered across his face in a way that would look ridiculous on anyone but him. His tan body was visible through the wet material, giving me a clear view of his toned abs and arms. And his pants…if they were any tighter he’d need some scissors to cut them off. He was so very sexy as my brain conjured up the image, his body nearing mine as he reached forward and took me in his arms…
“Hel-lo,” I heard his voice distantly as if he were whispering from several feet away. “Where are you in there?”
I shook my head and cleared my throat, all fantasies being tucked away into the deepest depths of my mind until they could be innocently revisited when I had less company. “Nowhere. Thought, Dom; it’s a very intriguing thing. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”
He smirked as if he knew what I was thinking about, as if he knew that I was very badly covering up the dirty thoughts I was just having.

What do you think? This was one of those scenes that made me smile while writing. I just...they're adorable, right? The best part is that they took on a life of their own. They literally talked it out in my head while I scrambled to write it all down.
I'll post more excerpts from more of my projects soon, but until then, head over to my Facebook page! I update there more than I do here, so if you want to keep up, feel free to join the family there.

And just as a favor for a fellow author, Stacey Rourke has just released the first novel in the Legends Saga. It's called Crane and it is just...phenomenal. Really. Sleepy Hollow has never sounded better.

Oh! Before I forget...

City of Heavenly fire has been released! You know, the epic conclusion to The Mortal Instruments series by my favorite author, Cassandra Clare? Yeah, that one.

I haven't had the chance to get my hands on it but I can bet my review will be something like...

Yep. Most likely.

Forever the book nerd,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Interview posted!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I've filled out a Q&A over at Smashwords!
Here is the link: Interview with Susan M. Haldane
Please feel free to share with your friends via any way you can! It would be much appreciated. :)

Have a wonderful day!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Busy, busy, busy.

I realize that I've let this poor blog go in the past year. It's been forever since I've posted anything. It's been so long that I'm going to have to make a mass post on the new things that have happened.

  • Strange Dreams has been sent to my betas and is now under revision. (But isn't the cover just awesome!)
  • I am a little more than halfway (78 pages) through Restless Eternity (Strange Dreams book 2)
  • I have started to rewrite Witch's Destiny (My first novel; previously referred to as the book-that-shall-not-be-named) and am a little less than halfway through.
  • I have paused The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas until I can actually figure out how to get the fearless Captain going again.
  • The second novella in the Lady Shaw series, while finished, has not been published yet.
  • Stuff of Legends is actually happening. It's a short story series like Lady Shaw, but deals more with things like vampires, wolves, and witches. (I'll post an excerpt soon!)
  • Stuff of Legends has gone so well that I've already started writing book 2, Death by Magic.
  • I've started a new project and have titled it: The Collectors It's a full scale novel about a secret society that seeks out people with "special gifts." I had to break out my mythology notes for this one.
And while life moves on, so does the creative storm. With classes done for the summer, I'll have more time to write, more time to keep you updated. Hopefully, I'll even post some more excerpts from the old stuff and some from the new stuff. I'm especially excited for you to read some of Stuff of Legends. (It's my first time working with something other than witches/magic. At least in the first novella.)
In the meantime...

  Have an amazing day!!


    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    The Winchesters Have My Dream Car

    So, as the entire Supernatural family knows, our two favorite demon-hunting, vamp-slaying, angel-loving duo will be returning for season 9 (season 9!) on October 8th of this year. That's about four weeks away! What you don't know is that I'm still behind, catching up on season 8 because I'm a terrible excuse for a fangirl. I love the show with all my heart...but my writing remains my one and only true love. Well...maybe.

    Anyway...Since the beginning of the show I have been obsessed with Baby. For those that are insane and don't watch the show, Baby is the '67 Chevy Impala that gets our boys from point A to point B. I wish I could have that car; Seriously...I want it.

    A few days ago, I mentioned on my Facebook page that since I can't have Baby, I was going to somehow write it into one of the many projects I have. And I did! Baby now belongs to Theo, a high strong, sarcastic little arse that is very find of vehicles. In some ways he reminds me of Dean, but without so much familial love. (I just want to add that Theo Masterson is a new character in the Strange Dreams series. He appears in Book 2, titled: Restless Eternity. If you haven't already, head on over to my page and read the excerpts posted there.)

    I suppose I should get back to pain no gain, right? Time to kill off another character. Poor angels...I wish they'd stop falling.


    Monday, August 26, 2013

    Hitting the Books

    No, no, no... I'm not literally hitting the books. That would be cruel. I am not abusive to my babies, I promise!
    What I meant by the title was that the fall semester has begun and I am currently thrilled with my classes. Yes, it's only the first day... But it's been fun so far. (Despite the fact that I spent six hours in a classroom today. That's total, just so you know; not all at once.) I am looking forward mostly to my psychology class. I took AP Psych in high school but I didn't do so hot. However, I love, love, loved the class in general so I decided to take it again in college. Who knows? Maybe if I love this course (and I do well) I might pursue psychology as a career.

    Anyway, I'll let you get back to your book-related activites... Or, other activites... O.o

    More news on Restless Eternity (Strange Dreams #2) soon!



    They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

    Saturday, July 13, 2013

    Hi all!

    It's been so long since I've posted anything! Things have been getting pretty busy around the Haldane Household. And since it's been so long, here are a few updates:

    • The cover for Strange Dreams has been finished! (Not sure if I've told you that yet, or not...)
    • Strange Dreams is currently in the editing process.
    • The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book I: The Search for Maybeard was published and is available on (Just search my name or the title if you would like to purchase. That would be awesome, you know. For those of you that are nice enough to purchase, please leave a review! The feedback is so very helpful. Oh, and before I forget, for the month of July only, Lady Shaw's first adventure is 50% off! Just enter the code given on the right side of the screen at checkout!) (Cover by my uncle Travis.)
    • Bradley Cooper is attractive.
    • I've begun a new short story called The Stuff of Legend and am thinking about making it a series. (It won't be one of those series where you'll have to read the first book first, but can read in any order.)
    • I might do a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book, too.
    • I've just bought the first two books in The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. (The best kind of book to read is a book that surprises you just as much the second time through as it did the first time.)
    • Bradley Cooper is very attractive.
    • I have finished Lady Shaw's second adventure. It is called: The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book II: Message of the Mermaids. (Publication TBA) (Book cover by my great uncle John, he has his own Photography site and he's on facebook. Grand Memories Photography.)
    • I have begun work on Lady Shaw's third adventure, titled: The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book III: Return to the Isle.
    • The 12th Doctor will be announced tonight at the BBC Proms at Albert Hall. (Squee!)
    • My sister has brainwashed me. I am now watching Fruits Basket.
    • Bradley Cooper's eyes make me want to melt.
    • How To Train Your Dragon is finally getting a sequel and I must say that puberty as done Hiccup very well. <3 (What animated characters do you wish were real?)
    • ....Hiccup... 
    There's nothing else to report as of yet, I suppose. I do apologize for the lack of posts lately. Until there is more news on writing or the things that have started to take over my life, I talk to you later!


    Bradley Cooper... <3

    Monday, May 13, 2013

    Melanie Monday: I Prefer Writing

    "Speaking is always clumsy, while writing is always fluent."

    If therapy can help someone, I would always prefer to speak with someone with the knowledge of thoughts. However, I prefer to write my thoughts, and this would just get us no where.

    Writing your thoughts will always come out neat and perfect; you may erase or backspace, and any fumbling of your words can be fixed—just like that. Meanwhile, speech isn't so wonderfully done. The dialogue of any story can be messy, just the same way as speaking between yourself and a friend would sound. Your grammar is poor, your words can be miss placed, and sometimes, you might even use the wrong word at the wrong time.

    This does not matter in general conversation. For one, conversations carry on in a way that allows the participants to know just what the other means, even when they cannot get the proper words out—or well, most of the time you should know what your speech partner is trying to say. It's all about the tone, the body language, and generally the way in which you speak.

    In writing, since you can choose your words as you so wish to, the words will perfectly form into sentences, and eventually you can draft yourself a whole story. You know what you're trying to say, and you have the time to properly get it sorted out in your head before it all becomes the something you're trying to convey.

    This is where writing to your therapist probably wouldn't work out.

    Due to choosing your words carefully, the therapist can never work out what you're issues are since you're not really aware you're avoiding it. In speech, you can unconsciously give yourself away by your tone, stopping when you've reached something you didn't want to talk about, or generally the way you're face will scrunch up in discomfort or some other emotion that betrays you're inner feelings.

    While I would love to continue my therapy sessions I had over this past semester of college through the summer, I know I cannot since the sessions would work better if I were face to face with my therapist. I love to write, and prefer it over face to face or phone conversations, I will never get anywhere talking to someone with carefully chosen word forms.

    Sometimes I find that most of my problems in childhood (mostly from sixth grade on) stem from the fact that while I could talk to my friends just fine in instant messaging, I could not bring myself to speak aloud due to the fear of saying something that didn't make sense or generally embarrassing.

    Writing what you mean is easy, but speaking the same way is hard...